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Rahul Verma

Rahul Verma


First and foremost, I love writing code. Ever since I was a little kid, software development has been my passion. As I went through the BASIC tutorial, it was fascinating, being able to get the computer to do whatever I wanted, just by typing. I latched on to any idea for projects I could get, moving from "Hello World" all the way to a simple First-person Shooter Engine, with dozens of projects in between, I learned C, then C++, tearing through any books I could find on anything remotely related to software development.i was insatiable.
This passion carried me through my education at Acharya Institutes. Here there were more resources to me than I ever could have imagined. I studied new languages, algorithms, compilers, higher mathematics, all with pretty much the same fascination that drove me. And it was here that I learned truly how much there was yet to learn.
So , now, in industry , this passion remains with me. There's certainly yet more to learn , yet more problems to solve, and yet more to build. And for this, I'm very grateful.