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Thundersharp is one of the most exciting firm spreading its wings in this era to make all of your professional stuffs like Professional websites, Android applications, Graphics design related goods and services, Erp Emlementation and much more to support your business grow online, delivered at your demands. No need to rely upon anybody but us.We make it your way by using our skills. Making the workload vanish and perfection on its height with our powerful strategy.


Here we produce one of the best in class products, at just reliable cost.

Our main concerns are in fields of Android, Static,Dynamic and Wordpress websites, IOT and several other Graphical designs including Logo, UI/UX desigining, Backend development, ERP development and more. We are one in hand solution for anyone starting the business from scratch and want to quickly grow. Even we become one of the best options for the growing big IT industries.

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Our coustmers are guaranteed with...

Value for Money

We give productivity for each and every penny paid.
Perfection in each and every bits and bytes!!

Security at its Peak

We don't store any of your personal information.
Even after your project is completed. Privacy policy.

Coustmer Support

Responsive Chat coustmer support and even call backs if you wish.
Basically English and Hindi preffered.

Timed Delivery

Every work provided will be fulfilled on time.
Whithout any Flaws being discovered.


Trust...You will love us and our work at the end!

Some words from our side to our clients, to make you all explain what we plan for you....

“We both need each other, you for productivity and we for toils. We are connected in each and other ways, and if you will get productive assets here. So no need to scroll hectic search engines for anything else.We are here aiding any purpose and both of us in a close bond of service and productivity.”


Love For    Thundersharp

  • >A fine example of my dream come true,today I can say that yes the work I gave was the same they gave me the output, my business after that was just so reliable maiantaining and working upon was easy.

    GS Classes
    Thundersharp Customer
  • Lots of LOVE for this shining star emerging and making the world brighter but its presence and productive by its deeds. I am very happy that I was helped by them, the app and website they provided was such a flexible that all my works are nearly handled by their products.

    IIT Mantra
    Thundersharp Customer
  • As a proud coustomer of Thundersharp I can recommend you all to rely upon their shoulders, they are just awesome the work completion is best and the way they convey you the procedures is love.

    SK Singh Classes
    Thundersharp Customer

Thundersharp enables you to..

  • Reliablity

    If you are working upon business fields and you aim in flourishing your work online then we are the righteous doors to knock upon. Once you enter , you just don't need to worry about any of our services. We will grow day and nights together.

  • Back-end

    Back-end development is the work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure the front-end program churning away does so without bringing half your computer to a standstill. We implement all the the Backend functionality for you on the go.

  • Embedded Systems

    With the rise of the “Internet of Things” and just about everything but the kitchen sink being connected to the internet these days, embedded systems development has boomed. This type of software development deals with the coding skills needed for embedded systems like Raspberry Pi’s, Arduinos etc. According to your needs we make working products, fully customized.

  • Database designs

    Our Database engineers design a fully structured and functional database according to the input of your projects. That means even if you wish to only design database you can. Not generally available anywhere else!!

Technologies we use


Our Achivments so far


Happy clients

Our cliets are so much satisfied by our work and our dedication that we have a great place in their heart. Everytime they open our products, realise yes we trusted someone productive.



Our vast number of supplied projects are classified into vast diversities. We supply from basic needs to many proffesional builds. Some of our classified applications are ERP,Win,Toolbox and more.


Skilled developers

Our developer are coustmer-friendly and so handy that they just understand what you want to express by your thoughts, The fields possessed by them are Android ,Backend ,Web Developer ,Frontend ,Graphics Developer ,Full Stack Developer ,UI and UX Developer. Just make your thoughts fly and we will make the sky deeper.